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Naawy Client
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Naawy ReSurf
Naawy Client
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Naawy ReSurf  3.72

Program description
Naawy Resurf - fully functional proxy browser for anonymous work in the Internet. Supports proxy servers, has built-in proxylist (loads proxies directly from Easy and user-friendly interface allows user to change proxy on the fly with one click and also has some additional features
Some of features
  • fresh list of online proxy servers (anonymous, transparent, private)
  • sorted by country, region and city
  • detailed informaion about proxy servers (host, response, anonymity level, protocol)
  • changes IP with one click on the fly
  • standart functionality of browser (editing, navigation, tabs, settings)
  • content control: you can disable graphics, video, music , Javascript, Java and ActiveX
  • Built-in Google search
  • User-friendly interface
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Latest Version: 3.72
Release Date: 06 February, 2010
Supported OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/NT
License: Shareware
Group Amount of proxies
Guest 120
User 180
Silver All (491)
Gold All (491)
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