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Naawy Client
Service client: online proxylists, proxy filter and proxy switcher   Learn more
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Naawy Client
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Naawy Proxy Client  1.63

Program description
Naawy Keeper - service client, loads proxylists from and displays lists sorted by country, region ,city and type. Also has built-in proxy filter (extracts proxy servers from raw text), proxy switcher (allows to change proxy in Internet Explorer on the fly) and save full HTTP/ Socks 5 proxylists
Some of features
  • Proxylists sorted by country, region, city or type (HTTP/ Socks 5)
  • MyList - custom user proxylist, easy accessed from tray menu
  • Changes proxy in Internet Explorer instantly (on the fly)
  • Proxy Filter - extracts proxies from raw text lists (text,html etc.). Advanced filtering methods
  • User authorization - displays user settings and subscription status
  • Naawy Proxylists - allows to save selected/all HTTP/Socks 5 proxylists
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Latest Version: 1.63
Release Date: 12 February, 2010
Supported OS: Windows 98/2000/XP/NT
License: Shareware
Group Amount of proxies
Guest 120
User 180
Silver All (491)
Gold All (491)
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